Design Philosophy & Stance

I believe in keeping it simple. A problem might be complex, but the solution should be perceived as effortless.

Good design is easy to understand and straight forward. 

Everyone has an opinion, or instinctive emotional response, to visual components. There's many studies on the psychology of how we react to color and design elements. As I see it, digital design and art direction is a perfect balance between functionality (logic) and art (emotion). 

Design should always aim for progression. We should be inspired by trends but not follow them blindly. We should also look back into history. History will often give us an indication on what the next big thing is. 

When it comes to functionality, and making the right decisions, looking at data, making analyzes and testing can be crucial in vital parts of a project. Some smaller things should be quickly tried out to fail, or succeed. 

So, what about the work progress? Without clear understanding collectively about the decisions and strategic foundation in the project from the get-go, valuable time is often wasted on miscommunication, both internally and externally. Planning, and structure, is key to smooth sailing. You should also take into account that things might happen on the way and room for the unexpected is always a good idea when creating estimates. When starting a project the team should ask these questions to get on the right path;

What are the conditions in this project? 
Identify expectations from the client and/or internally.

How do we create a plan with our client? This includes a clear understanding from both parties on expectations, client involvement (i.e workshops, weekly updates), number of correction rounds and final delivery.

What and where are our client today? What do we want to achieve in this project?

What are the goals from a visual and strategic standpoint and how do we meet them?

How can we efficiently keep our deadlines and make great deliveries in this project? 

These are some keypoints to hold close to heart when working with clients and in teams. Communication is everything. シ



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